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Susan O'Neal catmafia03 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 22:49:16 PDT 2010

Aethelyan Moondragon wrote:

> Looking over the past 30 years, it amazes me how much things have changed
> toward "more period" -- and that without any laws or rules to say so. It
> will happen because those who lean hard towards historical accuracy and are
> passionate about it will set standards by example (Master Eule and
> Centurion
> Maelgwyn are just two that come to mind). Those who want to will do so.
> Those who cannot for whatever reason, or don't want to go to that degree
> will make the best effort they can, inspired by the example-setters, as has
> always been done. If we make rules that set the bar too high, newcomers
> will
> see the rules and turn away in disappointment. If, on the other hand, we
> make it known that it's something to aim at but is not required at the
> entry
> level, we'll get people who feel welcomed and who will see something to
> strive for and work towards. It's good to have goals, and goals that people
> set for themselves are more fun to have (and meet or exceed) than goals
> imposed from the outside.

I came into the SCA just over 11 years ago and this is very much the
methodology I met with and found it both very welcome and also a very
assuring thing to share with people who were curious about us when I was a
hospitaller.  I've seen many in the 11 year time frame push themselves into
greater authenticity and it really shows in the photos.  I just wish my
health would cooporate so I was out more to have been at the events.

As to events that have a very definate period feel, I've been to many.  The
one that stands out in my head was quiet a few years back and was a
Northkeep even at Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp.  The specific things that
really come to mind were both organized by members of the Raptor.  They had
a wonderful rapier turneyment by torchlight, with gambling; I think HE Facon
organized this.  It was an amazing experience and probably was the best
attended and watched rapier turniment I've ever seen.  I'd love to go to one
of those again.  I think it was the same event, HE Teresa did feast as a
tavern and there was even a delightful brawl associated with it.  The
serving wenches (and not a clue what the male varient of wench is) had so
much fun serving feast, it was priceless.

Another event that comes to mind for delightful persona play was when Her
Grace Larissa was queen and she was dressed as the Queen of Hearts and
Countess Kat I think was Queen of Clubs and the White Scarves were involved
in the most delightful croquet game ever.

I think that finding the moments that carry the recreation that you are
seaking has so much to do with being at the right place at the right time;
it isn't that they aren't there so much but they can be missed as events are
so much bigger and there are so many more of them.  All apart of the joys
and difficulties of growth.

Respectfully offered,
Susan the Curious

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