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I am sorry there was carpet armor were you were. I didn't see it but you know what they say about the "Willow effect" everyone is in period 15 feet around me.
The real thing that Inman's mandate did was to cut down on blue jeans and tennie shoes. the carpet armor was not the main problem. I really think most people didn't even know about the rule. 
You are right the "peer pressure" made changes more than any Laws, but knowledge allowed people the option to look right  and to work on their things. When carpet was all we had and we didn't have knowledge about leather and metal that was what we could afford. When people offered workshops and help each other get things and applied social pressure changes were made. 
I agreed with you that the Lyst. That event is everything I would like from an event but where we used to have that kind of event all over the kingdom you don't see them that much. We used to have little events that tried out ideas and gave people practice and experience in doing the creative events.  
Many of our people don't have the knowledge to do  an event like the Lyst or the Virtues or the Judgment of Paris or Lion's tourney or Cloth of Gold or the Under the Hill ball or etc.  and many of our groups are having a hard time getting  people to put on their regular events. The autocrat are finding it hard to get people to run the bread and butter things. 
I would ask you what does your group do that allows you to put on such a large, creative ,historical event?
Laws won't fix our problems but knowledge will. 
Duchess Willow de Wisp
I am sorry about forgetting the Lyst. The event has been too far away for me in Elfsea and now in Northkeep it is really too far. We tend to speak from our experiences and I have not yet been able to make it to the lyst. 
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