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> I would ask you what does your group do that allows you to put on such a
> large, creative ,historical event?

Speaking just for where I live, Bryn Gwlad, we have a number of people who
research period events and techniques, from tournament styles to music, to
clothing construction and materials, to fighting styles, all of which have
been gleaned from period manuals. We also have a large number of people who
are willing -- nay, eager -- to help bring these events and techniques to
the populace. And we DO bring these events and techniques to the populace.
That's the major part of it -- we do it. From the Baron and Baroness to the
newest newcomer, we actively work to make it happen.

The period sources are out there. Any group can have leaders to pave the way
to the use of such sources, and any group can be as enthusiastic as it
wishes about putting on events like that, or making clothes, or whatever.
This is not unique to Bryn Gwlad. I know of many branches that have such
enthusiasm, such leadership. And they're putting on these types of events.
They're teaching period dances. They're working with period materials and
construction methods in their clothing and armour. They're looking up period
legal documents to influence our current charters and oaths. They're
building castles to fight in and around. They're finding ways to bring real
jousting to the tournament fields in a safe manner! That, to me, is a HUGE
advancement in the SCA as a whole.

I see "more period" just about everywhere I look. Maybe I'm like previous
poster who said his eyes just pass over the modern stuff now, but really, to
compare what I see now with what I saw 30 years ago -- it's almost not the
same SCA. We're evolving. We're improving. And we're having fun doing so!
Which means it will continue.

Aethelyan Moondragon

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