[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

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>>    Flash photography has become a part of the experience, and unless some
> one sets a flash off in my face I hardly notice it anymore.<
unfortunately if your under the pavilion at night court the flashes really 
are " in your face " all night long : (
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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>   My enjoyment of an event usually comes from spending time with my
> friends,  and doing something that is fun.  I usually do not have a "magic
> moment" at an event, and do not require one in order to consider an event 
> a
> success.  It's nice when they happen, but not necessary.
>   Over the years I have developed a more, or less effective filter for
> modern objects.  Just as I can walk through a crowded room and ignore the
> conversations that do not involve me but still hear someone call my name, 
> I
> can walk through an event and catch the parts that interest me and not 
> have
> the mundanities spoil the experience.  Most of the time anyway.
>    Flash photography has become a part of the experience, and unless some
> one sets a flash off in my face I hardly notice it anymore.  I'm more
> distracted by the couple behind me carrying on a conversation.  I'm more
> distracted by having cell phones ringing in the middle of court.  I'm far
> more distracted by people making up stupid names for mundane items, that
> only serve to attract attention to the item they were trying not to
> mention.
> I don't want to see rules requiring people to have better armor or
> encampments, as that will raise the bar to entry and cost us new people. 
> I
> do want to see a social environment that encourages people to do the best
> they can with the resources they currently have available.
> Robert Fitzmorgan
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> we
> do not dare that they are difficult.
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