[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

Dave W wiselaw at comcast.net
Thu Nov 4 12:44:43 PDT 2010

It seems that could be a good solution if your goal is to put on a show for

other people.


Not as interested in putting on a show for other people, just us, but the
idea does allow for SOME events where there is a bit more emphasis on the
historical side of things.  While all events are supposed to follow the
'medieval' framework, we have a long history of 'high persona' events where
folks make an extra effort to polish up their gear and cover the more
mundane items.  This idea would simply designate an area where the ambiance
is more conducive to that high persona goal.


For me, I go to events to camp with my friends and have fun. I love the

history and I strive to do the things we should - cover the coolers, hide

mundanities, etc. I have a periodish tent (I've actually found period

illustrations of my tent so I feel better about it now) but it isn't a

traditional SCA style pavilion. However, I still want to camp with my

friends, regardless of whether they have mundane tents or period tents. I

CHOOSE to have a canvas period tent but I totally understand their reasons

for not having one...and I would rather camp with them than not. Yes, I can

choose to take my period tent and camp with the mundanes, which is what I

would do if forced to make a choice, but it seems to me that it starts to

create a division where there doesn't necessarily need to be one.


In this case there are already divisions that are present that cover the
spectrum of folks from those who are scrupulously 'period' versus those who
are decidedly modern and every level in between.  The strength of the SCA is
the ability to provide a venue that accommodates this wide variety of folks.
The idea isn't to have a monitored gate that will pass judgment on someone's
kit, so much as set out a higher bar for some areas.


The concept of period tents here and mundane tents over there seems to have

started surfacing in the past 5 years. Previously, I don't rememer it being

such a big deal. I actually remember when period tents were way in the

minority and it was a very big deal to have one. They were (and are)

expensive, require special vehicles (trucks/trailers) to haul them, require

more maintenance, and putting them up and taking them down is more time

consuming than the average mundane tent. 15-20 years ago, how many period

pavilions did you see at the average event? Did it ruin our good time? Did

anyone quit playing because the mundane tents ruined the ambience for them?


Nope J At least not that I know of ;)


In a way, and yes this is extreme - putting the mundane tents over there is

almost like relegating them to the ghetto because they aren't good enough to

be with the rest of us. Typically, newcomers are the ones who haven't

invested in a period tent and what kind of message would we be sending them?


Hardly denoting a ghetto.  I myself would choose at some events to bring the
pavilion, while others I would camp in the horse trailer, just depends on
the event.  Either way, it would be my choice depending on whether I felt
like setting up the pavilion to 'be period', or camping with electricity and
water to be comfortable J.  The message would be we have some events that
are 'standard' and some events where we seek to shoot for a higher level of
historical authenticity.  Just as we have always had a variety of events,
this would simply be one more way to further our stated goal of studying
history by living it.  As for newcomers, having helped armor and garb them
for going on 30 years now, I can say that most who shoot for a higher bar
are the ones I see tending to stick with things J




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