[Ansteorra] 1600?

Elizabeth Crouchet elizabeth at crouchet.com
Fri Nov 5 09:53:24 PDT 2010

King James I and VI is considered by historians to be part of the
Elizabethan Era. It is his successors that are considered the Jacobeans.
England really changes with the beheading of Charles. That is a possible cut
off point. But it is Anglo-centric. So am I.


> 1603 Elizabeth dies... no more fun queeny; no more fun SCA.
> 1616  William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes die on the same day.
> (how's that for a crap day for western literature?).  No more fun plays and
> books; no more fun SCA.
> 1621  The ship Mayflower, carrying about 100 Pilgrims is headed for
> Virginia
> but is blown off course and lands instead at Plymouth.  The beginning of
> the
> end of fun for native americans...
> 1642  King Charles I, King of England, has some unpleasantness with the
> Puritans.  No more bear baiting, plays, and cockfighting...
> 1648  the Thirty Years' War- arguably World War .5- ends at the Peace of
> Westphalia.  No more fun old slaughter and siege...

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