[Ansteorra] Looking good when fighting history

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Fri Nov 5 23:58:43 PDT 2010

The last thing that was said was something about Marshals should teach about authenticity. 
I have noticed a strange thing in our Kingdom,in some places. There is a tendency in all offices to stress getting the thing done and not to talk about the culture or authenticity of the item. 
I was told it was more important to teach how a garment was made than tell people the time period or culture in which the garment was worn.  I got the general impression was that it was "wrong" of me to force history down people's throat and I should wait until they asked me. My talking about cultures was just confusing.
Also I was told that we could not be a Norseman or Turk or Scot in this or that century we had to be a person in the kingdom of Ansteorra so what was important was to learn the arts and skills relevant to Ansteorra. 
You could see someone with that paradigm wouldn't know or care about authenticity, but would  only what was acceptable in the SCA.
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