[Ansteorra] Ideas for gifts for Christmas

Bree Flowers evethejust at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 16:36:11 PST 2010

Eve's merchant list and internet shopping ideas...

Music selections:
http://www.vinceconaway.com/ - Hammered Dulcimer
http://www.heatherdale.com/ - Folk singing
http://www.wineandalchemy.com/ - A more Middle Eastern influenced sound
http://www.wolgemut.net/wolgemut/wolgemut.html - An EXCELLENT medieval
group. Much of the music you've previously danced to is performed by
these guys

http://www.the-treasury.org - Emphasis on Norse goods, but she carries
other things
http://www.fetteredcockpewters.com - Pilgrim badges and belt fittings,
all cast by her hand, mostly 14th C. Everything guaranteed lead-free
http://www.billyandcharlie.com/ - More cast pewter goods.
http://thorthorshammer.com/ - Another wonderful merchant. Ships fast
and only recreates extant objects. Many of which he has in his shop
and can show you. Mostly Norse and Roman, but other stuff too.

Try Etsy for inkle woven trim. Just put "Inkle weaving" in the search,
sort by price and you'll usually find something suitable for trim in
the $12-20 price range.

More ideas when I get home from my party tonight.

~Eve - who LOVES to shop.

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