[Ansteorra] Gaming at Steppes 12th Night

Hrafn Olafsson hrafnolafsson at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 18:54:09 PST 2010

To the population of Ansteorra, I Jarl Hrafn do send greetings!
I write to you to bring word of gaming activities that will be held at Steppes 
12th Night.  Inside the fantastic Saxon mead hall provided by Their Excellencies 
Steppes, will be put forth games for tastes both highbrow and low.
For those of you who enjoy a cerebral game of strategy and battle, a Hnefatafl 
tournament will be held. What is Hnefatafl, you ask? Sometimes called ‘Viking 
Chess’, you can read all about how to play here:  
If a baser gaming experience is more to your liking, we will also have an early 
period gambling den. In here will be played games of chance such as dice and 
knucklebones. This is a gambling den, not just in name only. At each cast of the 
bones, actual valuables will be won and lost. So bring your trinkets, baubles, 
gemstones, coins, and a willingness to risk everything at the altar of Lady 
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
- Jarl Hrafn


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