[Ansteorra] Gaming at Steppes 12th Night

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Wed Nov 17 18:57:31 PST 2010

Leave it to our Jarl to provide baser experiences,


On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 9:54 PM, Hrafn Olafsson <hrafnolafsson at yahoo.com>wrote:

> To the population of Ansteorra, I Jarl Hrafn do send greetings!
> I write to you to bring word of gaming activities that will be held at
> Steppes
> 12th Night.  Inside the fantastic Saxon mead hall provided by Their
> Excellencies
> Steppes, will be put forth games for tastes both highbrow and low.
> For those of you who enjoy a cerebral game of strategy and battle, a
> Hnefatafl
> tournament will be held. What is Hnefatafl, you ask? Sometimes called
> ‘Viking
> Chess’, you can read all about how to play here:
> http://www.ravensholm.com/tafl.aspx
> If a baser gaming experience is more to your liking, we will also have an
> early
> period gambling den. In here will be played games of chance such as dice
> and
> knucklebones. This is a gambling den, not just in name only. At each cast
> of the
> bones, actual valuables will be won and lost. So bring your trinkets,
> baubles,
> gemstones, coins, and a willingness to risk everything at the altar of Lady
> Luck.
> If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
> - Jarl Hrafn
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