[Ansteorra] Big Thank You from feast steward BG event

Cindy Derrick cindy at mccr.org
Mon Nov 1 09:05:06 PDT 2010

A Big Thank You to all that assisted me with feast. Starting with early 
feast prep to my kitchen help on site.

Skeleton crew - Nicola (drop dead deputy) keeper of the recipes, time, 
and my focus, Cherie the Forgetful, Celestria, Dreda, Shadea, Lisa, 
Malana,  Baron Niklas, Hrethric, this crew was awesome. Once they had 
the plan I had to step back and let the work happen.

Servers - Mistress Saundra leader of the servers best coordinator and 
her many hands my thanks.

Pot washers - Mistress Seraphine, Baby Knight John Severn & Mistress 
Saundra coordinating an army of dish washers. I walked out of the 
kitchen to take a break and eat a bit to returned to a wonderfully clean 
kitchen, clean dishes and Pots. Thank you all.

Thank you. I did not know all that helped by name but please know you 
are appreciated for your work.

HL Isabella Maria della Rosa
Feast steward for BG falll event

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