[Ansteorra] More thanks for many hands

Elizabeth Crouchet elizabeth at crouchet.com
Mon Nov 1 09:27:22 PDT 2010

I wanted to thank the people that helped me coordinate the Head Table
serving for the feast. You all did a wonderful job with odd timing, and
special menus.

Thanks to Victor, Anne, Katrina, Griska for serving. You all did an
excellent job!

Saudra, it was a pleasure to work with and around you! Thank you for
allowing me to coordinate serving for the head table.

Isabella, what a wonderful feast and a well organized kitchen! Thank you for
having a special food cook for the Gluten free issues and for directing us
to her. My thanks to her as well! She did a wonderful job and was a pleasure
to work with.

I also wanted to thank the two ladies that stepped in to help me keep up
with a list that was most complicated to score and keep track of. Mistress
Aethelyan, thank you for your advice and your helping hands and for keeping
me company. And thank you also, Vyvianna, for stepping in after your
marshaling duties to colate and recored the Virtues scores.

Also, thank you to the 38 or so rapier fighters we had! You all did seem to
have a great time. Thank you for your patience with me as we worked the
scoring. (After I have strong words with the people who thought this was a
good idea), I would consider running a similar list for you all again!

And thank you to the MIC, Don Dore' who believed I could run such a list. It
was quite the challenge.

Thank you all,

Claire Shayhan

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