[Ansteorra] BAM - Amazon Auction

Jan Van Zandt hejanais at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 19:10:38 PST 2010

Greetings to the Ladies of Ansteorra, from the Ladies of the Amazon Household,

Saturday evening at BAM around 9pm the Amazon Household will again hold their Amazing Amazon Chattel Auction. Only ladies may bid on the chattel but the Auction is for the enjoyment and amusement of all who attend the Bordermarch Autumn Melees.

Ladies - you may get your tickets from the Amazons Friday and Saturday in trade for ANY SCA-related or camping -related items. We accept anything from armour, garb, weapons, jewelry, candlesticks, etc. to tent stacks, duct tape and just about anything as long as it is non-perishable. You bring us your loot and we will give you tickets for the bidding. We also take markers/IOU's. The Amazons will be camped with the fighting company Rhoadd on the road across from the Bordermarch BFT (hopefully). Just look for the capital A made from the flowers of St. Johns Wort. 

One purpose of the Auction is of course to show off finest examples of chattel from both Ansteorra and Gleann Abhann. The numbers of chattel will be limited. The main purpose of the Auction is to fill the largess coffers of the Baron and Baroness of Bordermarch as The Amazons donate all of the items traded for the tickets to the Barony of Bordermarch.

We invite everyone to come join in the fun,
Baroness Jan
Amazon Household Ansteorra head
Mistress Regina
Amazon Household Interkingdom founder


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