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willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Sun Nov 21 12:28:19 PST 2010

this is sort of what I was talking about; If you want to decorate a plain belt you can use simple tools like a screwdriver to make these endings and belt fold overs..http://www.theinnerbailey.com/belts.htm
I don't have a torch right now so i have been doing something very bad. I have been annealing my metal with the fire from my stove. i know this  is an fire hazard and we should not do it. I keep something close by to stop fires. i have also burned myself several times. I now wear better protection. 
I buy brass bowls and planters and cut them up to the size I need and then hold them in the fire. Do not drop them into water because this "hardens" them allow them to rest somewhere and cool slowly.  
then you can put them on a somewhat soft material.i have found wood to be good but I have been told leather with do. then You can take a screwdriver and hammer and make the design. 
As you work the brass it will become stiff. It will spread out from where you are working to everywhere. You need to anneal the metal again. If you do not the metal will become brittle and you will poke holes in it. 
I have not tried this with a brass plate, but I am planning on doing it in the week. I will report if the plate looks good.
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