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here are some sites that might help you with belts and other things t
this site covers 1300 and 1400 ladies belts. As the manorial system took over clothing became simpler. With the ladies of a castle clothing hundreds of people embroidery was not an option for everyone except the lord and Lord's sons. They needed to power dress. The belt became the lady's way of dressing up. The belt is easily carried and be moved to outfit to outfit. it was on the belt that ladies showed off their fancy stitches. http://rosaliegilbert.com/beltsandgirdles.html
 here is a Spanish site with belts from the 13Th century.
Take the time to look at all the period clothing. These are some of the few garments we still have. Enlarge the belt and notice the mountings. if you put jewels in those i showed you are the trading site they would look similar. I think, but i am not sure, these metal pieces acted as belt stiffeners. They would help keep the material from folding over. http://jessamynscloset.com/Fernando.html
Things worn on belts make great gifts also and thing to hang things on are good to. Almost everyone needs a belt hanger for a drinking vessel. Here is a bowl that a Mongol horseman of upper class might wear. I don't believe an average Mongol would get a gold bowl. While you might run across something like this you would give it to your chief and he in turn would gift you with horses or something you could use.
If you would like to learn more about this exchange of gifts you should get a skall or storyteller to tell you the story of the White or Fairy bear.     
It is my belief that the Sagas that have come down to us were teaching saga. Meaning they taught young people what and what they should not do. The manner books of the chivalric period are always advising young men if they want to know how to act look to the old tales.   
if you are interested i will look for site that might have stories from the sagas or Chansions. 
I will get back with people later, I am tired and don't feel well. The medicine i take make me weak, sorry.
willow de wisp
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