[Ansteorra] Arc d'Or insignia, continued

Carolle Ternus clternus at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 22 19:40:09 PST 2010

Thanks to those who have given ideas for me to pass along.

If you have to buy a hide, the initial investment can still be prohibitive, regardless of the cost per insignia over time.  However, asking the Arc d'Ors is a very good idea.

So, Arc d'Ors, please contact me at clternus at sbcglobal dot net with any hints, traditions, etc. that you may have regarding your insignia.


Mistress Radegund asked:

>I have someone who would like to make Arc d'Or bracers for the kingdom.  White leather seems prohibitively expensive.  Any suggestions of where to get white leather for a reasonable price, or possible alternatives to use?

Two points to consider:

1. We've made 22 members since it opened 8 years ago -- that's less than 3/year.  We've made 12 since 2004, and only two since summer 2008.  The price of leather becomes much less prohibitive when you realize that a year's supply is 2 or 3 bracers.

2. The Arc D'Or acts like an Order. Orders have traditions, and I don't know theirs.  Talk to its members.  They might prefer to make their own and hand them down, as the White Scarves do.  They may also have clear preferences about how they're made, since the bracers are safety equipment as well as insignia.  

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