[Ansteorra] Feast at Bjornsborg's Judgment of Paris

Melissa Baxter-Kosub mbaxter66 at satx.rr.com
Sun Oct 10 09:17:00 PDT 2010

As found on the event website:

*The Judgement of Paris Feast Menu* /*Indicates vegetarian choice/ *On 
the Table* Homemade Breads and Cheeses (contains gluten, dairy) 
*Aphrodite's Course* A sop of amorous vegetables* (contains onions) 
Savory toasted cheese with sparages* (contains dairy) Sausages and hais 
(Sausages and dried fruit & nut balls) (contains gluten and tree nuts) 
*Hera's Course* Mixed green sallet with edible flowers* Comminee de 
poullaille (Cuminade of turkey) (contains egg) Ris engoule* (Fancy rice 
for fast-days) (contains almonds) Poires d'angoisse* (Pears in syrup) 
(residual alcohol present) *Athena's Course* Champignons* (Baked 
Mushroom Tart) (contains mushrooms and dairy) Courges* (Fried squash) 
Roast Pork with Broet de Savoye and Epityrum varium (Pork with Savoy 
broth and/or tapenade* only) (contains glutin, olives and garlic) 
Shrewsbery cakes w/Emplumeus de pomes* (Cookies with almond applesauce) 
(contains almonds and gluten) *Sideboard Dessert* Daryols* (dairy, 
gluten and eggs) *Drinks* Tea Water Sekanjabin (mint vinegar and sugar) 
/*Indicates vegetarian choice/

HL Branwen le Baxtere
Ld William Harper
Event Stewards


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