[Ansteorra] Pumpkin carving contest at Judgment of Paris

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Don't know which event you want but Gatesedge rocked. The weather was incredibly good. The event was smaller then we wished but then it generally is no matter what event. The competitions went very well. We had 2 aoa's given to Nan Turnbull & Antonio de La Tour. Bastian from Shadowlands was the overall champion & took home the great travel bed made by Longship furniture. We had at least 2 comets. Engenulf & I think Patrick of Kilkenny. Cynthia of Gatesedge was made a Guardian of the Gate which is an non precedence conferring award we give for service in our shire.  But the most glorious & spectacular part for me was feast! OMG it was incredible. Dietrich even made me like the beets! They were good! Everything was hot, well spiced, and ymmy! I wanted to do a backstroke in the spice cake so I could bathe in it's flavor. Sigh. Y'all missed a good one. 
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News from the event?

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