[Ansteorra] Bryn Gwlad's fall baronial

gail young gwynethb63 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 17 19:06:31 PDT 2010

There have been some questions about how our event will work.  I hope this 
clears things up.  If not, please email me privately instead of clogging the 

For Bryn Gwlad's tournament of Virtue all non-combatants are encouraged to sit 
around the field and actively watch the fights, both chivalric and rapier, so 
that the combatants may honor those who represent the virtues of nobility.  We 
will be searching for those who represent prowess (skill), courage (the ability 
to accept defeat), honesty, generosity, faith (belief in the inherent nobility 
of all) courtesy and franchise (peer-like qualities).   Any fighter who wishes 
to recognize a virtue in a non-combatant may do so and the non-combatant may ask 
another fighter to  battle in their name.  For example, should Susy Q want to 
recognize Mistress M as her example for honesty, Mistress M would be able to ask 
a fighter of her choosing in the list to fight for her against Suzy.  If she 
does not know any of the fighters, the marshal in charge will arrange a fight.
We will keep track of who gets recognized for each virtue and reveal those 
chosen most often in evening court.  

There will also be cards available on which to write your choices to represent 
each virtue BUT...you must be present to win<G>  So, come to the event and let's 
recognize the virtues of Ansteorra!

autocrat Bryn Gwlad Fall Baronial 2010


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