[Ansteorra] Chivalric list at the Celebration of Virtues in Bryn Gwlad

robert segrest aumbob at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 17 19:37:53 PDT 2010

All fighters and lovers of virtue, please join us at Castleton for the Bryn 
Gwlad Baronial Champions’ list at the Celebration of Virtues on Halloween 
weekend.  The list will consist of a challenge period followed by an elimination 
list to choose the champion.

Each entrant will have a card listing each of the virtues being celebrated.  For 
each listed virtue the entrant will challenge any person he or she feels 
represents that virtue.  The entrant does not have to challenge a fighter.  The 
person being challenged then may choose to fight (if a fighter) or to choose a 
champion to fight on his or her behalf (even fighters may choose a champion, 
particularly if they have been challenged multiple times, or if they would 
prefer to favor another fighter).  Once the fight has been concluded, the 
fighter will report to the List Mistress whom they challenged and whether or not 
they won.  Note that the champion fights for the honor of the virtue only.
At the end of the challenge period, the 8 fighters who have won the most 
challenges (up to 7) will advance to a single elimination, single fight 
elimination rounds.  The victor shall be champion.
Those who have been challenged most often as representatives of the virtues will 
be recognized by Their Excellencies.

There are rumors that certain fringe benefits have accrued to those who have 
been Baron Avery’s and Baronesses Gwenneth’s chivalric champions (ask HM Jean 
Paul or HE Hrafn for more details.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get the 
inside track for future royal opportunities.

Fatthiopap Laszlo, Marshall in Charge


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