[Ansteorra] looking for dapping block tools

Mike Gideon mg1m at swbell.net
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Depends a lot on the metal being annealed
sterling silver is between  1100ºF and 1200ºF (593ºC.-649ºC)
Fine silver Annealing Temperature -  932F (500 C )
Copper (again dependent on alloy)  between 900 and 1400 F(480C-760C).

Propane torch with air maximum temp is(1995°C/3623 °F)


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On Sep 3, 2010, at 12:06 PM, willowdewisp at juno.com wrote:

> Hi this is Duchess Willow
> I am looking  for a torch for annealing, a dapping, block and a flat seel bench 
>anvil. If any of you have one on these things looking for a home please write 
> Thank you 
> willow

What is a "dapping block"?

Mistress Hillary mentions using a propane torch, a single bottle torch using 
outside air for it's air supply, for annealing. Is this hot enough? I always 
though you needed a two bottle torch, fuel and oxygen for this. More details 

There was a recent discussion on small anvils for jewelry and similar work on 
the Bryn Gwlad or this list. As opposed to large anvils for using in 
blacksmithing. I already have this file in the CRAFTS section of the 
blksm-anvils-msg (32K) 7/14/06 Blacksmithing anvils. sources.

However, since there appears to be some interest, I will look at creating 
another file on smaller anvils for jewelry work from what I've saved and get 
that online ASAP.


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