[Ansteorra] Event Report Snail-Mail

NMS Deputy nms at treasurer.ansteorra.org
Fri Sep 3 12:39:59 PDT 2010

Hail Lords and Ladies of Ansteorra.

I hope this request/missive finds you all in good health.

Today, 03-SEPT-10, in total embarassment, I found myself locked out of
my home.  This turned into a good thing because I checked a door I
never use (because it COULD have been unlocked - you all know how that
goes).  In between the storm door and the house door I found a Fed-Ex
mailer that had been delivered (according to the tracking information
online) 16-AUG-10.

PLEASE.  UPS will not deliver to me without a signature ... and Fed-Ex
will leave it wherever they wish.  PLEASE USE THE USPS.  If you feel
it is necessary to use a tracking number they also provide a tracking
that does not require a signature.

AND (once again) PLEASE, if you mail me anything and I have not sent
you an email notification within SEVEN days, then EMAIL me a request
for delivery confirmation.

At this time I believe I have every groups' exchequer email.  I
promise, I will ALWAYS email a confirmation the day I pick up anything
from my mailbox.

Thank you ALL for putting up with me,
ld Charles Ó Floinn

Charles Flynn
150 Oehler St.
Kilgore, TX 75662
Please no 'Signature Required' mail
903-522-9083 Please not after 11pm.

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