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Lady Leah was Lord Koris wife and they both lived in the Steppes. She became the chronicler after we became a region but there was a time when we didn't have a name and then had a name but it wasn't offical and then we became offical The period in which we moved from groups of people ie households to a real group is the time I am talking about. Was first our Hearld under another persona she work at Chief of Caldal this conflict led to a breaking of the ties between Ardoon and Caldal. It also led to the creations of the Thornwell/Caldal alliance that produced Caer Onca ?? 
Prince Sean had announced at an event that no member of Caer Onca would ever get another award in Ansteorra. Jonathan got his claw that declared him a "Friend of Caer Onca" and then won his knighthood on the field by defeating Sir Theo..Not long after that Sir Jonathan won the Crown of Atenveltd and always had the banner of Caer Onca flown at his Court. 
A goodly amount of the conflict that led almost breaking of the kingdom in first reign were do to these conflicts. During the Princiapality times the Princes were led by the Ardoon  Alliance. Prince Sean being the main "Hero" of this group. Thorwell and then the Caldal were on the outs. What this means was The Princes controled most of Costal and us "Others were Steppes, which was Steppes and Elfsea, and by association Okahoma and part of Bjornberg under House Thorwell, who had people in it like Sir Jan and Red Orm. Jonathan and I had moved up to Norman and so most of Ok. was under the outsider name.
The officers of the Princepality came mainly from the South. The people in Ansteorra were strongly divided. The folks in power tended to go to one set of events and the people in the other groups went to another set. In fact the people in power saw very little of the others and We, the others were  haveing a great ould time playing. We knew that people i 
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