[Ansteorra] Thank you to the great folk who helped with the Roses' Rapier Tournament Breakfast

Melissa Baxter-Kosub branwenlebaxtere at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 10:22:07 PDT 2011

Your Grace, life has dealt you an over abundance of endeavors as it 
appears in your seeking out a rare spare moment to list thanks, you 
mistyped Mistress Adelaide's name.  Upon the next we meet, please allow 
me the pleasure of offering hospitality to yourself and the lovely 
Countess Elizabeth so that you may both take a moment to enjoy time away 
from formal matters.


On 4/1/2011 11:35 AM, Michael Gunter wrote:
> This is a bit late but I really want to thank the wonderful people that helped with the Roses'
> Rapier Championship Breakfast at Gulf Wars. It was a lot of work and everyone was totally
> amazing and professional. We got some great comments from the people (one lady said that
> the crepes we served were better than what she got in Montreal the week before) and made
> a lot of folk happy. The final count was around 280 servings. Great job!
> ...snip...

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