[Ansteorra] steppes bardic competition

Svan Coldbrowskaldsson ldsvan at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 09:29:28 PDT 2011

 Greetings one and all,  Soon it will be time for Steppes Warlord and
that means lots of fighting, fun , and Bardic.Since the theme of
warlord this year shall be love, here is the topics for the Steppes
Warlord Bardic;
 1. A piece on love. This includes all forms of love; courtly,
romantic , brotherly, etc..and dare i say it...erotic love (please
remember the competion is open to all ages as is the audiance , so use
that as a guideline for ratings of tales lol)
  2.A wordfame piece. As i am a skald first, bard second , i want to
hear of wordfame of one who inspired you to be here today ; tell us of
the historical or SCA person or persons who have done this most worthy
deed of inspiration. kudos if it is an ansteorran (since even the Gods
know we are the best).
  3. The obligatory Bards favorite (not to make it sound bad, its my
fav part of competions i have to judge)

 At least one preformance need be a period piece or a piece in period
style. Verbal documentation is fine as we all are true Ansteorran
Lords and Ladys and our Honor is above reproof. Foriegn nationals need
supply written documentaion on all pieces submitted.
 Come one and all to compete, listen and inspire the preformers.
    P.S. Amber and Mead are always acceptible
bribes...uh..contributions to the ansteorran judges guild.

                H.L. Svan Koldbunnarskaldsson

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