[Ansteorra] Centurion Cloaks / Also: Seeking HG Miguel

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I remember that, Frasier's Folly and the cold soup ... 

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: > Could you tell me more? I don't see anything on his OP listing (
: > http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/OP/op-
: names.php?search=Camerinus&submit=search&OP=)
: > --
: > perhaps I was being too literal minded?
: >
: > Was this a persona acknowledgement?  And what is TYC?  (Tenth Year
: > Celebration?)
: TYC was the SCA 20th year celebration, stewarded by His Grace Duke
: Sigmund the Wingfooted and held at the Texas Renaissance Festival site
: in Plantersville. Camerinus was the embodiment of the Roman Legion
: officer, so Their Majesties Dinaris and Marguerite gave him the title
: of "Centurion." It carried no precedence and was technically only in
: force for the duration of Their reign. It was a singular honor,
: however, and well-deserved. You may notice that in Ansteorra some of
: the highest honors carry no precedence. We're funny that way.. ;-)
: Cynric
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