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>The OP system does not include a way to record 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc on a given date for the same honor. So, it defaults to name of recipient to sort. The Order of March is handled the same way. You cannot infer order of receipt past day month year. 

At the morning of Ansteorra's third Crown list, Frea was knighted. After the tourney, Frea attended a circle, after which Finn was knighted. Despite the fact that Finn comes first alphabetically, since he voted on Finn, King Lloyd wrote a document, still in the precedence files, stating that Frea comes first. 

>> So I believe that you can't conclude that Daniel Blackaxe got his name
>> announced first and was handed his cloak first.

They called up all our names at once. There were no cloaks or other insignia, and no scrolls, so there was no action taken in serial order - just a reading of the constitution, and King Inman announcing that we were the founding members.

On the Centurions yahoo page, all six of us are listed as number 1, followed by Asoph as number 7.

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