[Ansteorra] Centurion Cloaks

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Camerinus and his lady wife (I think she was Haldane Jensdottir de Baliol), were very cool SCA folks.  When you saw them, you immediately thought - 'Ah, there goes a Roman Centurian and his lady'.  Sadly, they followed their adventures to the Kingdoms of the East; saw them for a few years at Pennsic in the early 90's.  

For those interested in finding out the meaning or history of specific Ansteorran awards, to add to Daniel's post, the award 'Constitutions' can be found at: 

Ex;  A Lion of Ansteorra is, in part, defined: 
'There shall exist in Ansteorra a nonarmigerous order given only once per reign to that person whom the Crown of Ansteorra considers to contribute most to the ideals and milieu of the Society as a whole, and who serves as an inspiration to others. This Order shall be known as the Order of the Lions of Ansteorra, Defenders of the Dream "
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TYC was the SCA 20th year celebration, stewarded by His Grace Duke
Sigmund the Wingfooted and held at the Texas Renaissance Festival site
in Plantersville. Camerinus was the embodiment of the Roman Legion
officer, so Their Majesties Dinaris and Marguerite gave him the title
of "Centurion." It carried no precedence and was technically only in
force for the duration of Their reign. It was a singular honor,
however, and well-deserved. You may notice that in Ansteorra some of
the highest honors carry no precedence. We're funny that way.. ;-)


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