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More information on the Trimaran "highway robbery."

The facts of the Incident are these:

Apparently, the royal coach of Trimaris was stopped just outside the Gulf
War site by the impediment of *a body in the road*.  Larissa, Princess of
Trimaris, stepped out to show charity and give alms to the peasant when the
man rose abruptly, drew and brandished a bent sword, and as the note I have
lately received from Prince Duncan states: "declared in a slurred but
powerful breath of beer and herring, '*None shall pass the Baron of
Ravensfort lest they render proper tribute... silver or smooches, my saucey
Trimaran strudel!?"*

His Highness did not actually kill the man at that point.  In addition to
the various other items of uncertain provenance- church relics, french
"safety garments", a flask, two teeth, dice, a lewd script, an ugly hat, and
playing cards decorated with the images of Ansteorran Queens in various
states of undress- some *papers* flew off the body during the drubbing which
seemed to support the man's* claim of legitimate Ansteorran citizenship and
titles*.  We believe this man is none other than Hanse Kleermaker, escaped
villain, actor, and tailor, fleeing from his deeds here at home.  Rather
than cause an incident so soon after GW Duncan sent me a letter of ransom.

I have procured most of the ransom asked and sent it along to HRH Duncan-
one BBQ sandwich and a cask of Ansteorran Stout- but am relying on Trimaran
generosity to allow me more time to replace the gown Hanse *purged
himself*upon during the fracas.  Duncan has promised that he will be
delivered to me
in time for Saturday's festivities at the court at *Ravensfort* where* I,
Sir Dieterich Kempenich von Eltz, will deliver Hanse Kleermaker to the
proper authorities.*

If you or anyone you know has received injury of Hanse, now is the time to
get yours.  The Crown, Their Excellencies Ravensfort (old and new), Bryn
Gwylad, and Bjornsborg will be there so surely some justice must be

A Humble Knight,
Sir Dieterich

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> I ran into a strange instance on the way back from Gulf Wars this weekend.
>  I came across a Trimarin rider coming back from the east.   He was
> really upset.  When I offered my help, he refused mumbling something
> about Ansteorrans, Ravensfort and their Highnesses.
> Does anybody know anything about this?
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