[Ansteorra] Combat Archery Challenge

B Scott Mills b.scott.mills at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 13:44:48 PDT 2011

That's sorta a gray area  and how that has been viewed as changed 
depending on who to Society EM is.

The current ruling is that such fight the knight type of activities are 
not considered combat and are OK and authorizations for the shooters are 
not required.


On 3/23/2011 2:43 PM, Chris Zakes wrote:
> At 11:53 AM 3/23/2011, you wrote:
>> The is no way you can do without the authorization.  We have taken 
>> this to the Society level on a couple of occasions.
>> When you are shooting at another live person it becomes "combat"  and 
>> from the Marshals Handbook.
>>    *II.B.2.* /No person shall participate in Official Combat-Related
>>    Activities (including armored combat, period fencing, and combat
>>    archery) outside of formal training sessions unless they have been
>>    properly authorized under Society and Kingdom procedures. /
>> So if it is a "tournament" or a "competition"   it is almost 
>> impossible to call it a "formal training session".
>> I agree with you that I would NOT want it to be part of a Baronies 
>> "Archery"  Championship Tournament because it means that so many 
>> people that traditionally participate in target archery would have to 
>> be excluded.  However, it does not have to be part of "archery" 
>> championship and can be a stand alone competition.
> I'm curious about something. If it was a "target" shoot, but the 
> targets were fighters in full armor, just standing there, would the 
> shooters still have to be combat authorized? (We did this, along with 
> a boffer "fight the knight" game several years ago at Canterbury Fair, 
> a fundraiser for a local wildlife preserve.)
>         -Tvar Moondragon
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