[Ansteorra] Wiesenfeuer Baronial April 8-10

Kimberlee Friend pirateladyeltd at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 27 18:15:40 PDT 2011

I agree with the need to control the situation.You need a Master of Revels to choose the performers and decide when they come in. If the entertainment is part of the serving plan. You can find a time when people will be naturally silence. 
I would like to see groups of people singing a prepared piece at feast. I like the sound of the human voice. I want a feast where the head table is served a course by children with wings and a group of singers sing a song as they file in and place the dishes on the Butler's table.  that  would be so sweet.
Wouldn't that knock the socks of some crowns if we did something like that when we hold a royalty dinner at a War.
I would make the wings.
But you all know me I want a 3 ring circle and an elephant.
I get it every once and a while. 
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