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If you are a performer who takes your art/work seriously please consider
using the very unofficial but thus far very effective Facebook group
Ansteorran Performers.

I've been impressed with it so far.  The signal-to-noise ratio is very high
there.  I just used it to recruit a cast for a piece for an event in late
summer or early fall and the level of talent of those who volunteered was
much higher than I expected and much more enthusiastic.  These people behave
like professional performers.

It's my belief that a place like this for entertainers to gather, plan, and
recruit is key for big successes that have high emotional impact and stick
in people's memory.  My project will cast members from 5 different groups in
Ansteorra including actors, dancers, musicians, prop-makers, poets, and a
puppeteer... and all I had to do was give them a rough idea of the type of
piece I was looking to do.

In short, if you like to perform and consider yourself more "do" than
"talk", come join us.

(Now all we need is a venue and we'll see how well it works.)

Sir Dieterich

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 2:43 PM, Kristina Dombroski <
krysna at crystaldaggerclothing.com> wrote:

> I'm relatively new to the SCA, but I would love to see more bardic "things"
> happen.  I like to sing, and it is something that comes easily to me.  I
> also have a music degree in percussion, but know little about period
> instruments.  I would LOVE to learn, and I'd be thrilled to play background
> music at feast.  I'm sure I could pick up the hammered dulcimer with
> relative ease, and I've been thinking about finding someone who could build
> me a medieval xylophone, since it appears to be the only mallet percussion
> instrument that is period (sadly, cuz I play a mean marimba)....  What's
> holding me back?  Well, what was said at the beginning--the only real
> performing opportunities I see are the rare bardic competitions that come
> my
> way.  I bought a doumbek a couple of months ago, but there aren't usually
> drumming circles around my area, so I haven't had an opportunity to play it
> or even to find out what kinds of drumming are appropriate.  I can play
> snare drum quite well, but again, no idea what is appropriate for period,
> as
> I've been trained on modern instruments.  If there are people out there who
> would teach their instruments and be willing to work in ensembles, newbies
> like me would join in a heartbeat.  But unfortunately, I haven't really
> come
> across much of that.  I performed for the first time at Kingdom A&S this
> year because that was the first opportunity I had to sing for anything.  So
> I guess this is me raising my hand, jumping up and down, waving, and
> saying,
> "Ooh, ooh, can I play??"  I'll volunteer for anything musical I can get my
> hands on, if someone will just give me a little guidance on how to get
> started and what to do.  And of course, if I'm the only one at an event
> who's wanting to do anything musical, then I am not so inclined to do
> anything at all, as I would feel very out of place.  I love to perform, but
> tend to be much more comfortable in ensembles than going solo, especially
> when I'm new and don't know what I'm doing.  So somebody else has got to do
> it with me, darn it. :D
> Lady Tangwystl verch Gruffydd
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