[Ansteorra] Bardic At Feast lurkers

Angus MacKnochard glnn_jhn at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 13:37:26 PDT 2011

Since her Grace asked.....

I do not like being performed TO...
If performances are going on in the Hall and I am still free to politely 
maintain my conversations
or what ever I am into, then sure 
What ever is going on that adds to the ambience is great.

If someone is interupting what I am doing to perform TO me, 
with out my consient, that is altogether different. 
I concider it being Bard-napped. Much like kidnapped but more painful.

I must stop what i am doing and wait patiently for the performer to finish 
with what ever form of cultured torture they have decided to bestow upon me, 
before I can continue enjoying my freinds, that I never get to spend enough time 
with anyway.  

Bard-napping is wrong, and leads to uncivilized behavior, if you dont beleive me 
Ask Adalia.....

 Angus MacKnochard Bagadur

snerta er vald 

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Sent: Fri, March 25, 2011 2:17:02 PM
Subject: [Ansteorra] Bardic At Feast lurkers

all right I am putting myself on the line.
OK some people maintain the position that "Most People do not want to be 
bothered with performance at feast, period." 

I maintain that we should have some performing as fits to the theme of the 
feast. What I mean is like a skall performing at a Norse feast and chamber music 
at a Renaissance Banquet. 

some people believe anyone who wants to should get up- no  control at all.
I would really like to know  what you think, Silent majority. Please just make a 
small note. .
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