[Ansteorra] kingdom archery pages down ?

Kerry Pratt kpratt at sw.rr.com
Mon Sep 5 11:21:09 PDT 2011

I have absolutely no issue with anyone sending an email to the Kingdom Webminister address
(kingdom at webminister.ansteorra.org).  It's best if it goes to that one rather than my personal email that I use on this
list.  As the Kingdom Webminister I am responsible for all of the official Ansteorran sites even though I don't do all
of the coding/webministering for all of them.  I can always find the appropriate person to send the email along to.  I
have forwarded this one on already so you don't need to worry about doing so.  And I apologize for forgetting to sign my
first email.  I got in a hurry to get the info out and spaced on my etiquette.


William Cameron deBlakstan
Webminister, Ansteorra

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thank you , with the page down I didn't know who to send an e-mail to.
does the kingdom web minister run all of the kingdom pages ? or do different 
people run different pages ?
also , im on  " Cox.net "  and im told they sometimes have issues , so I 
wasn't sure it was a web page failure, and not a Cox failure .
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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