[Ansteorra] Ice pops at GW

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You might freecycle for a small portable freezer.  Would be nice to get one for gree


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Greetings Ansteorra!

I saw something at Pennsic this year at chirurgeons point that I need your help bringing to Gulf Wars. The small deep freezer of Icee Pops!

With a small deep freeze kept at Chirurgeons point we can freeze those much loved ice tubes we all loved as kids and keep ice packs premade. What better way to cool off the fighter coming off a day at battle or an over heated participant! It's hydration and sugar all wrapped in a tube!

Well my chirurgeons budget doesn't allow me such a luxury but with Ansteorran support, I would like to start fund raising for this. So I am taking donations for the Icee pop deep freezer.

Just think... On your way back to camp kept at chirurgeons point at five points ... You can stop by and pick up an ice pop for the road! Then we can all show each other our blue or red tongues!

I will be taking donations at Seawinds Defender, War of Ages and BAM. 

Ansteorra, we raised over a $1000 for known World Party beverages, I am sure we can raise a few funds for blue tongues of hydration. :-)

In Service,

HL Caley
GW XXI War Chirurgeon

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