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Thu Sep 8 20:59:28 PDT 2011

Latest reports put the Bastrop fire at +25,000 acres per satelite images. 
Many of the evacuees had to leave and had to turn loose their 4 legged friends into the fire to fend for themselves. 

Once the fire is contained and roadblocks are down we will be mounting a mounted and vehicle search party to look for the loose animals.
If you live in any of the affected areas and see loose livestock please report their location to the local non emergency dispatch. 

This helps track the animals locations as well as keep our firefighters safe by making them aware of loose livestock in the area to avoid vehicle accidents.

If you would like to help out all fire depts are calling for bottled water, gatoraide, snack food such as packaged crackers, cookies, non perishable easy to open and eat on the go food items.
Please take these items to your local fire dept to drop off or ask for the location of the nearest shelter.

Please do not go to the evacuated areas or fire areas, this causes traffic back ups for people trying to evacuate. 

If you would like additional info feel free to contact me or call the redcross.

Courtney Anderson
Chisholm Trail Fire Rescue
Bluebonnet Equine Human Society

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Subject: [Ffynnon-Gath] A call for help, horse trailering needed ASAP

From my friends at Black Rose Equine Rehab. They are safe and have a place for horses to go but they got this call for help:

Michelle Taylor
Please share: "Please forward to anyone you know near the Bastrop 
area... EMERGENCY!! There is an URGENT NEED for horse transport for 
evacuation in Bastrop County, TX. Barns that were used to house evacuees
 are now in the fire's path. Rt 304 still open both ways. Anyone in the 
area who can help, please call Beth at 512-467-4893 or Rachel at 
512-581-2940. There are 43 horses in immediate need of rescue, surely 
there will be more."

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



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