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2.    I'm not sold on the idea that there will be no mechanism to allow
events to coincide on the Kingdom calendar.  Maybe the guidelines need to be
stiffened from what they are, but on the current calendar, there already do
not seem to be conflicts within a reasonable one-day's driving distance.

There is a way to schedule events against one another. All I have done is to ensure the calendar will be flushed out before that happens. 
To continue the discussion: I liked this idea when I thought about the
calendar in the abstract. Then I looked at the calendar as it currently
stands, and the two points I hit my head against are:

1.    Not all calendar dates are created equal. I think it’s reasonable to
say that there’s an empirical reason why some dates are routinely bare and
others are overbooked.

This is true. Some dates are better for fighting and some are better for indoor events. Some are just plain good all around. Events should be scheduled accordingly.


For the record, I don’t arbitrarily hate the thought that the Kingdom
calendar could be rearranged and reworked again – I was around for the last
overhaul and it seems to have worked out just fine.

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