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This came across the Atlantia list today and I thought some folks here  
might be interested in this.

Sounds like the same kind of Scots who were abusing my sheep a decade  
ago around 1145 or so.

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Subject: [MR] Scottish Book on Close-out

Noble friends,

E.R. Hamilton Booksellers ( http://edwardrhamilton.com/ ) is offering an
important Scottish history book in their close-out catalog: THE STEEL
2399679) by George Macdonald Fraser. The Reivers were English and
Scottish families who perpetrated extensive cross-border raids during
the 1500s. Of the three books I have on the Border Reivers, this is the
most extensive (the other two are short works from Osprey, but have nice
illustrations). This book is a fascinating story, and is written with a
somewhat dry humorous style. Some of you know Fraser at the author of
the marvelous Flashman novels. This work is a trade paperback and is now
priced at $4.95, certainly a bargain (plus $3.50 shipping PER ORDER, not
per book). If, as I suspect, this important book is going out of print
again, now is the time to grab a copy for your library. It is well worth
the money. Finally, I have been a satisfied ERH customer for several
years, but have no connection with the company.

Just as an aside, one of my real Napier ancestors, Archibald Napier,
from the Merchiston side of the family (being a cousin about 14 times
removed) was robbed by one of the Scotts (yes, Sir Walter Scott's
ancestors, notorious Reivers all). This wasn't cattle theft (which had a
small bit of honor to it), it was pure highway banditry. Archie drew his
sword and ran Scott through. End of his story. Scott's old man, the
infamous Buccleuch of Scott, took exception to having his thieving son
cut down so, and sent a large hit squad to Edinburgh in search of
Archie. When the Scotts caught up with him,they stabbed Archie several
dozen times with their dirks, and left him to bleed to death in a
gutter. The usually peaceful Napiers began arming for a counter stroke
when King James (VI &I) stepped in and ordered everyone to put up their
swords. Buccleuch was never held accountable for the crime. Sadly, this
story is not Fraser's book.

You can read a bit more about the Border Reivers at
http://www.nwlink.com/~scotlass/border.htm . This web site is an
excellent introduction to this exciting, bloody chapter in
Anglo-Scottish history.

Kind regards,

Lord Mungo Napier, That Crazy Scot
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