[Ansteorra] Have you ever thought about being the Sable Scroll?

Duncan Hepburn duncan at stormypetrel.org
Mon Sep 12 18:58:17 PDT 2011

Greetings unto the scribal community and the populace of our fair
kingdom of Ansteorra,

I have been blessed by Their Highnesses Aaron and Amelot with the
opportunity to serve as their Royal Scribe starting in only a few
weeks. I have done this job several times before, and it is a lot of
work, but I absolutely love doing it. Many folks out there don't know
what exactly the job of Sable Scroll is, or the duties it encompasses.
That lack of knowledge may cause people with the requisite skills from
knowing they are qualified, and therefore limits the pool of known
qualified scribes.

Those who know me know how much I like to share, and therefore I've
decided that during my tenure as Sable Scroll I will train anyone who
is interested in what the responsibilities of the office are, as well
as let folks get some on the job training. I ask that any and all
interested in learning about the Sable Scroll office that are willing
to set aside an hour or two at an event to chat about what life is
like for Sable Scroll, as well as possibly contribute to the duties of
the office, to contact me privately. I will share with those
interested parties a schedule of the Sable Scroll Scriptorium (what
events I will be traveling to with the intent on teaching/working on
Sable Scroll activities). I hope to coordinate some time during the
reign to sit with everyone who has interest and work with them so they
understand and may someday pursue holding this office.

In Service,

Baron Duncan Hepburn, OL WSA

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