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The tune is to a song called "Lily the Pink", one of my personal favorite Silly songs.


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> For those who might be unfamiliar
> with the song "Imperium Compound": I
> believe the original version started in the early days of
> the Middle
> Kingdom and the Dark Horde.  Certainly a lot of the
> verses in the song
> Pooky posted are about people from then/there.  In
> particular
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> wrote:
> > CHORUS:         Oh, we
> think, we think, we think,
> >               
>   The king is a fink, a fink, a fink,
> >               
>   A figure of respectability!
> >               
>   (He) rules the Kingdom with Imperium Compound!
> >               
>   The results are plain to see!
> The comic strip _The Wizard of Id_ has a very short king,
> and from
> time to time, a man gallops thru proclaiming "The king is a
> fink!"
> The first king of the Middle Kingdom was Cariadoc of the
> Bow, who I
> think organized the Dwarves versus Giants tourney at
> Pennsic and
> fought on the side of the dwarves.  I think "The king
> is a fink!" is a
> very early war cry of the Middle.  Other fair to
> Middling names I
> recognize are Andy (probably Andrew of Seldom Rest), Robert
> Aspirin
> (Yang the Nauseating, one of the founders of the Dark
> Horde), Azarael
> the Soul Separator (early Horde), Dagan, Laurelen
> Darksbane, ...
> > The Board of Directors, styled themselves "Electors",
> > And another con they tried to swing;
> > Now the BOD drinks Imperium Ccmpound,
> > And we no longer need a king.
> > CHORUS: The Bod, the Bod, the Bod,
> > It thinks it's God, It's God, It's God,
> > The figure of supreme authority,
> > And if we'd 0.D. on Imperium Compound
> > There'd be no need for royalty!
> There was a lot of complaining about Board of Directors
> meddling up
> thru the mid-1990s.  Indeed, for a time, on the
> medieval / game side
> of the SCA they called themselves "Imperial Electors" and
> used the
> title "His / Her Serenity".  They established and gave
> the Order of
> the Pelican.  Only later did they allow kingdoms to
> give it also, and
> only later still did they stop giving it.  I believe
> they gave
> existing Laurels the one-time option to convert over (as
> kingdoms had
> earlier given Laurels both for arts and for service). 
> Only more
> recently (1980s? 1990s?) was there the notion that the BoD
> should stay
> firmly on the modern interface / running side and out of
> the medieval
> side.
> > Jon deCless rules as if we were all fools
> > And won't even try to change his way,
> > Once the Horde drinks Inperium Compound
> > The Board will be de Clesse!
> Early Board member, and I hear he was rather
> dictatorial.  I think he
> was part of the original SCA Inc incorporation (which was
> done against
> California law in that it was without a vote of the
> membership, but
> after decades of implicit acceptance by the membership,
> it's too late
> to change that).
> Danett de Linccolne
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