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Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 15:18:12 PDT 2011

Danett de Linccolne,

May I repost your Imperial Compound wisdom to the Great Dark Horde's E-list?


Beloved Willow,

I would be very honored if the Mighty Duke Jonathan would be willing to
consider passing his knowledge regarding Imperial Compound the the beloved

I'll promise Him not to tell You the recipe!


I'll try to find the Lily the Pink online, thanks!

Respect and Loving Gratitude,

"Love's lifelight dispels all shadows upon the path grown over with truth."
~ Pooky

Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Imperium Compound

> Duke Jonathan is the last Grand Master of the Imperium  Compound Guild in
> Ansteorra.
> He passed the skill down to his sons, but the quit the SCA in a cloud of
> political smoke so he is the only one who has the official recipe.
> When the West wanted to reintroduce the brew they came to Duke Jonathan to
> learn.
> He won't teach me because he think I would teach the Caldal and Caldal kins
> and then it would be a open secret, but I am sure he would teach someone who
> felt was trustworthly with the secret. .Making is more of an art form
> because you taste it to make sure it is right and you have to be able to
> remember the taste. Too much one way or the other is not IC
> willow
> From: tmcd at panix.com
> For those who might be unfamiliar with the song "Imperium Compound": I
> believe the original version started in the early days of the Middle
> Kingdom and the Dark Horde.  Certainly a lot of the verses in the song
> Pooky posted are about people from then/there.  In particular
> On Thu, 15 Sep 2011, Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich <pookyloves at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > CHORUS:         Oh, we think, we think, we think,
> >                  The king is a fink, a fink, a fink,
> >                  A figure of respectability!
> >                  (He) rules the Kingdom with Imperium Compound!
> >                  The results are plain to see!
> The comic strip _The Wizard of Id_ has a very short king, and from
> time to time, a man gallops thru proclaiming "The king is a fink!"
> The first king of the Middle Kingdom was Cariadoc of the Bow, who I
> think organized the Dwarves versus Giants tourney at Pennsic and
> fought on the side of the dwarves.  I think "The king is a fink!" is a
> very early war cry of the Middle.  Other fair to Middling names I
> recognize are Andy (probably Andrew of Seldom Rest), Robert Aspirin
> (Yang the Nauseating, one of the founders of the Dark Horde), Azarael
> the Soul Separator (early Horde), Dagan, Laurelen Darksbane, ...
> > The Board of Directors, styled themselves "Electors",
> > And another con they tried to swing;
> > Now the BOD drinks Imperium Ccmpound,
> > And we no longer need a king.
> > CHORUS: The Bod, the Bod, the Bod,
> > It thinks it's God, It's God, It's God,
> > The figure of supreme authority,
> > And if we'd 0.D. on Imperium Compound
> > There'd be no need for royalty!
> There was a lot of complaining about Board of Directors meddling up
> thru the mid-1990s.  Indeed, for a time, on the medieval / game side
> of the SCA they called themselves "Imperial Electors" and used the
> title "His / Her Serenity".  They established and gave the Order of
> the Pelican.  Only later did they allow kingdoms to give it also, and
> only later still did they stop giving it.  I believe they gave
> existing Laurels the one-time option to convert over (as kingdoms had
> earlier given Laurels both for arts and for service).  Only more
> recently (1980s? 1990s?) was there the notion that the BoD should stay
> firmly on the modern interface / running side and out of the medieval
> side.
> > Jon deCless rules as if we were all fools
> > And won't even try to change his way,
> > Once the Horde drinks Inperium Compound
> > The Board will be de Clesse!
> Early Board member, and I hear he was rather dictatorial.  I think he
> was part of the original SCA Inc incorporation (which was done against
> California law in that it was without a vote of the membership, but
> after decades of implicit acceptance by the membership, it's too late
> to change that).
> Danett de Linccolne
> --
> Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com
> From: Sarah Brigdon <sadiebangel68 at yahoo.com>

> The tune is to a song called "Lily the Pink", one of my personal favorite
> Silly songs.
> Angelique

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