[Ansteorra] Some especial thank you'd

Bill Perkins bill.perkins at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 2 13:21:57 PDT 2012

¡Buenos dias!

While many people make an event successful, there are always a select few who make the event an especial joy for us.  But, sometimes, in the course of a day, even the best intentions of publically thanking those people can get lost.

A very grateful thank you for Countess Elizabeth Seale for stewarding the event.  This was her first foray into running an event and she did an excellent job! 

Baroness Alys Durivau and Lady Katrine la Escolpiera put in many long hours in designing and painting the scrolls for our latest Defenders.  They also created new charters for our Azure Keystone and Portcullis scrolls.  These wonderful ladies are the heart and soul of the scribal guild for Elfsea.  Mistress Sara Penrose also took time from her busy schedule to do the calligraphy on the scrolls and charters.

Baroness Alys Durivau and Lady Matilda Merryweather who worked hard to provide an tasty, bountiful, and excellent vigil sideboard for Her Excellency Amalia.

Her Ladyship Elspeth de Stervlen and Centurion Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote took care of us, put in long hours in setup and teardown, and made sure Her Excellency Elizabeth stayed sane and had fun.

With loving gratitude,
Alejandro y Amalia
Barón y Baronesa

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