[Ansteorra] Story Time: The Ansteorran Royal Navy

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 20:49:02 PDT 2012

{please make additions and continue the flow of The Ansteorran Royal
Navy story time}

Scripted by Admiral Robert Haddock

SET THE SCENE: Admiral Robert Haddock captaining the H.M.S. Esmerelda
has Pooky in his cabin

Once in the Admiral's cabin, the ship's doctor went about the task
of treating Pooky's wounds and injuries with a variety of
ointments, salves and poultices in a quiet, business-like manner,
hoping to finish before the Admiral arrived.
Rob Haddock entered his cabin quietly.
"How is he, Bones? Were we in time? Will he live?" Doctor Gervais
looked his friend in the eye. "I don't know, Rob, time will tell.
He is very weak."
Bones exited, saying, "I'LL check on him hourly".

Sitting in the chair vacated by the doctor, he said, "You're
safe,,, now, Pooky, among friends." He watch for any sign of
understanding. "Pooky? It's Rob Haddock. You are in my cabin on the
Esmerelda. We've been 12 days at sea, searching for you."
I have news for you, old friend, Admiral Garrett has
appointed you to head the recruitment and Training
Squadron ............ Commodore Pooky."
"we'll have you home in Ansteorra,, within a fortnight, my
"You know, you've had cap'n Mac of the Iron Lotus worried about
you. Well, him, and the rest of us, too."
Rob sat and talked to Pooky until the doctor returned, then left
only long enough to let Bones do his job.

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