[Ansteorra] Coronation Thank Yous

Queen Elizabeta queen at crown.ansteorra.org
Mon Apr 23 19:52:50 PDT 2012

Greetings Beloved Kingdom!

Here comes a long list of thank-you's for this past weekend. You all helped
to make this day VERY special for both of us!

To HL Elspeth and the Barony of Elfsea, thank you for hosting and arranging
everything. The event surpassed all expectations!

To the Barony of Bjornsborg (especially Their Excellencies), thank you for
hauling the über-sized pavilion up. It really made the atmosphere of the
event so much more awesome!

To Sir Daniel, Mistress Asiya, and the rest of the kitchen crew, thank you
for providing such fantastic food. Two of the best meals we have ever had,
hands down!

To Mistress Rhiannon and all who decorated both the hall and the Pavilion.
Thank you for adding in an amazing way to the atmosphere. All the lights
and banners were the icing on the proverbial cake!

To Countess Margaret, thank you for making sure my King's Champion list ran

To the Ansteorran Beadmakers Guild, thank you for providing education and
fun to our populace and for bringing beauty to our kingdom.

To those who helped create our Coronation garb/looks (Countess
Elizabeth,Baroness Genevieve , Lady Genevieve di Lironcourt, Lady Behiya
bint Kismet, Don Avery Shaw, Dona  Gwenneth Bowynne, HL Honour du Bois) by
either donations of time or materials, thank you for helping us look like a
King and Queen should.

To all who helped make our elaborate step-up ceremony/pageantry, you all
played your roles perfectly (including the behind the scenes ones!) and
helped us to make wonderful memories for all who witnessed it. It was
truly, truly magical and an absolute dream come true.

To all the musicians and dancers who helped us celebrate in the Hafla,
thank you for helping us end the day on a high note!

To anyone we may have forgotten to list here, a big thank you to you as
well!! Please forgive us as we are still a little overwhelmed by the
wonderment of the day!

Thank you all!

King Hrafn & Queen Elizabeta

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