[Ansteorra] Same-Gender Consort Proposal

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I am not saying that you have to be totally accurate. I am just saying what 
I had heard came down from the Powers That Be, others that know more about 
it can say more. Just know that Corpora, the BOD or who ever wanted us to 
start hiding some of that stuff while on the field.
  We all have stuff around that is not period. The gauntlets that I use, are 
kydex, they are black and do not look too bad, but I am working on getting 
the metal ones rigged up to use. I do have  spiffy new lamellar body armor, 
instead of the kidney belt. Now to convince Wuya that I need a new helm too.

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Are the barrels made of plastic? If so, I know a ton of fighters wearing 
plastic under their fighting tunics. It makes a passable lorica, I'd say. Of 
course, my tent and chair are made by Coleman and my favorite event shoes 
are flip-flops from Old Navy, so unless we're discussing scribal, I am the 
last person to know much about accuracy.


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