[Ansteorra] Crown Tournament Participation Was: RE: Same Gender Consort Proposal

Iago Cabrera de Cadiz baroniago at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 19 16:20:56 PDT 2012

Interesting. When I attended my first Queen's champion (Rowan III), I  
had to reauthorize for Queen's champion, regardless of if I held a  
current authorization or not. Seems the powers that be expected more  
from someone entering QC.


On Jul 19, 2012, at 6:01 PM, Robert G. Ferrell wrote:
> The last Crown I fought in was 1986 (won by Dinaris the Wanderer). In
> those days we held Crown on Sunday. Saturday was the qualifying round:
> every unbelted fighter had to fight at least one knight who would then
> vouch for that fighter's suitability as a participant. If you did  
> not call blows, were rude, or otherwise failed to impress the  
> Chivalry, they simply would not vouch for you. Of course, the Crown  
> still had the right to allow you to fight if They so desired, but  
> all in all I thought it was a good, effective system.
> Cynric (squire to Sir Hrothgar of Farley and Sir Riccardo di Pisa,  
> 1985-1998)
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