[Ansteorra] Japanese Ansteorrans

Michael Peters shdwstel at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 19 18:53:32 PDT 2012

You know you're out there. Primary persona or that secondary persona never seen but dammit samurai are just so *awesome*. I am looking at beginning a Nihonjin household. Contact by any and all is welcome.

  Some of you are "but I'm already a squire/apprentice/protege! I can't conflict with *that*". Of course not. The essence of the samurai is to serve. It is primary to who we are. The household is not intended as a replacement for any of those bonds, but an *additional* outlet for our love of the Dream. Fielding a household group for *1* battle at GW is a possible initial goal (I have some very interesting plans).

Saotome Kenshin also called Mykaru.

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