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Thank you for responding to my post and yes that question was rhetorical question and was in response to the comments that same sex crowns (there than brothers or father/son) are not historically accurate. The rest were real and included:
Why would someone be denied entrance in Crown Tournament?
Who would be hurt if someone with a same sex consort was allowed to compete?
Other than Queen’s champion possibly being renamed for six months what other reason (besides historical) can anyone use to justify not opening the tournament to same sex couples? 
Contrary to what some people believe that many of us just want to repeat our position that is not the case. I honestly want to learn why people believe what they believe. I may never change their opinion and they may not change mine but an exchange of ideas can lead us to respect the opinions we do not agree with. 

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On Thu, 19 Jul 2012, Patrick R <tex_yankee2004 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I still have my questions and wish they were a response to them.

One remembers one's own postings far better than anyone else does, so
in the future, please re-post.  Luckily, the archives at
http://lists.ansteorra.org/pipermail/ansteorra-ansteorra.org/ have a
Author sort option.  These are the only questions from you that I
noticed.  If I missed one, please state it.

"In what Kingdom in history did the crown rotate every six months
where the King was determined in a tournament?"

I think most people thought that was a rhetorical question.  In case
it wasn't: None.  There were some quick transitions, often assisted by
sword blows, but I know of no transitions of landed rule, royal or
other, that occurred via anything that they or we would call a

Not on a fixed schedule either, unless you think that a comet was a
cosmic "time, gentlemen", or unless "as soon as I can get an adequate
army there in decent campaigning weather" counts.

It was relatively rare for a king stepping down to survive the process
without the winged heels of Hermes.  Hossein al Qomi was an Ansteorran
herald.  Someone once asked him, "What is the appropriate Arabic term
for someone who has reigned once?"  He replied "'The late', or if he
is lucky, 'the blinded and castrated'".  The Byzantines were fond of
mutilating their deposed emperors, as it was believed that only a
whole man could be emperor.  Unfortunately for them, that wasn't
enough to stop Justinian II Rhinotmetos ("slit-nosed").

Henry VI Plantagenet was a most unusual case.  His usurper captured
him, but killing him would have just transferred the mantle of
kingship to his son Edward, who was roaming free.  But after young
Edward was killed, Henry VI died "of pure despite and melancholie" the
night his usurper got back to where he was kept.

"I keep reading about competitors as well as their consort being
approved by the Crown. My question is what are some of the reasons the
Crown would not approve someone? ... I do not know how often someone
is prohibited from competing when the consort is of the opposite
gender but I would be curious as to why someone would not be
acceptable to the crown."

From the few replies so far, it appears that we will likely never
hear, as it was stated that it's done privily.  I gather from the
replies that Ansteorra may be different from other kingdoms: I
interpreted it as saying that here it might be considered a bit of a
privilege to fight in Crown Tourney, but in other realms, all are
welcome and it would cause a Right Royal Fuss to ban someone.  The
only reason firmly stated so far is not being a member of the Chivalry
and not having any member of the Chivalry willing to vouch for you,
but I gather that that's usually not a barrier.

Danihel Lindicolinum
-- Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com
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