[Ansteorra] Recent List Behavior

Webminister, Ansteorra kingdom at webminister.ansteorra.org
Fri Jul 20 05:09:25 PDT 2012

As Kingdom Webminister I am at least partially responsible for the ensuring that these things don't spiral out of
control.  As part of these duties, I read each and every message that passes across this list.  Personally, I have a
very thick skin.  There are very few things that you could say to Kerry Pratt that would cause him to ask you to cease
and desist on a thread.  As a Kingdom officer, however, I sometimes find myself in the position of asking people to take
things private.  Or to behave more politely while in gentle company.  I do this privately where possible.  No one will
ever be totally moderated on this list while I am Webminister without the permission of the Crown. I simply ask that you
consider a few things when posting.
1. Are you using someone else's name in your post?  If so, please evaluate what you are saying to make sure that your
argument wouldn't be better served in a private conversation.  If you are singling someone out then you are, at the
heart of things, arguing with one person and the majority of the list may not be interested.
2. Are you discussing the topic that is mentioned in the thread's title? Each person here has the right to read what
they want and delete anything that has passed beyond his/her tolerance level for inane conversation.  Make sure your
Subject lines reflect your topic.  Please.
3. Snip your posts.  We have folks on the list who receive it in digest form.  Although that is their individual choice,
it makes it almost impossible to follow threads when the majority of the post is simply quotes of the past five
messages.  Remove the irrelevant portion of the header and delete the Ansteorran Mailing List courtesy info.  It only
takes a few seconds and it does worlds for the readability of your message.  If someone has to search for the content of
your message it will likely be discarded without being read.  That defeats the point of taking the time to post a
4. Finally, Please don't publicly ask someone to kill a thread.  Send it to them in a private email.  Each and every
person has the right to be on this list and the right to discuss whatever they wish within the bounds of reason and
common courtesy.  If it needs to be killed for the greater good of the Kingdom, as has happened from time to time, then
myself, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Crown will ensure that this happens.  Do you really want this list to be group
moderated?  It's not as pleasant as it sounds and the conversation that people want closed next time may be the one you
are interested in.

William Cameron deBlakstan
Webminister, Ansteorra 

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