[Ansteorra] Umbrage and Same Sex Consorts

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Though I do not share his feelings about the root issue, I am forced to
agree with Miles on this point. I have no doubt that many people are
keeping their feelings silent on this and many other topics for fear of the
massive social repercussions that expressing those opinions would cause.

I know I have many opinions which I keep to myself because to express them
would be tantamount to sociopolitical suicide. Until someone
can guarantee me that no-one will hold those opinions against me, I will
continue to keep them to myself. Even then, knowing human nature, I'd still
be inclined to keep quiet.

If that is what we are going for, great. If not, then perhaps we should
rethink our reactions to dissenting attitudes.

-- Andreas

I was made very aware of this in a private exchange, where I was informed
> that, because of my opinion on this issue, I should probably just leave the
> SCA.  You will never hear from many, perhaps most, opposing views on this
> issue for exactly that reason.  Why would anyone express an opinion here,
> when to express that opinion can lead to disapprobation?  I've expressed
> mine, and there are peers who have expressed a strongly opposing view.
>  What if I were seeking elevation to the Peerage?  Do you really expect me
> to believe that my views on this would not be held against me?  Or that
> voicing those opinions would not lead me to be excluded in other ways?
>  Even if the atmosphere had not already been somewhat hostile, how many
> people do you really think are willing to take that chance?
>   Miles Grey

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